Saturday, November 14, 2020

A small army enters the village #WeWriWa #Fantasy


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I’m continuing with snippets from the first chapter of a new fantasy story about a witch and an elf. The main character, Bridget Bramble, lives in a small cottage on the outskirts of a village. Her plans to go on a foraging expedition in the woods have been interrupted.

You can read last week’s snippet here: 

Please note, it is unedited and subject to change. 

More yelling from below drew her to the window overlooking the road.

She peered out.

Well-armed men in a double line were marching into the village. Their helmets, sword hilts and spear points glinted in the sunlight. They wore thick doublets over kilts of leather dyed dark red. A helmeted man rode a black horse in the vanguard, his blood-red cloak billowing in the breeze. Walking behind the rider, another man carried a banner. In the rear of the column of fifty men, horses pulled two empty wagons.

And a few extra lines:

As they advanced, she watched in trepidation and puzzlement. Why were they entering the village? Had they come to collect tithes for King Athelric? Surely it was too early in the season. The tithe collectors always came after the harvest was gathered.


Draft Blurb

In a land troubled by invasions from the east, Bridget Bramble lives in a small village where she barters herbs and carved buttons. When marauders target her village and murder her family, she flees into the woods. Armed with her Granny’s advice, and a bag of magic buttons, she sets out on the perilous journey to Oakenwald, the fabled land where elves and men live in harmony. But as she travels farther from home, she encounters malicious creatures from the worst kind of folktales.

Lost in the foothills of the mountains, Bridget meets the elf, Windswift the Wanderer. He offers to guide her across the mountain range. But what the elf’s business in human territory? Can an ordinary, or almost ordinary, human girl trust a cold hearted elf? 


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  1. I'm curious as to why they're there as well. For good or nefarious reasons?

    1. Their intentions will become clearer in the next paragraphs.

  2. Agree, I'm curious, too, why they're there. Well done on the descriptions again :-)

  3. Possibly. The fact they're wearing similar clothes and colors is more significant - they're organized.

  4. An ominous but vivid scene, can't wait for more! Enjoyed the snippet...

  5. This does not sound good, and for some reason the two empty wagons sound especially ominous!

  6. Oh my--empty wagons do not bode well. Enjoying these snippets! I do want to read this one. :-)

  7. This sounds like a bad thing. I hope she'll be ok.

  8. This sounds ominous. Men that well armed and in such a force bodes ill for a small village. Great snippet!

  9. Great description of the armed horde. Nothing good will come of this invasion, perhaps.

    I apologize for being so late commenting on your post. NaNoWriMo got in the way.