Sunday, November 1, 2020

Anatomy of a Successful BookBub Featured Deal


Book Selected by BookBub: EUROPA, Book 1 of Taxyon Space

99c Deal in All Regions on Oct 13.

Two years ago, EUROPA was selected for an International feature.


BookBub Blurb: On a scientific expedition to Jupiter’s moons, Dr. Nikki Bell’s spaceship crashes on desolate Europa. A mysterious being saves her, but none of her colleagues believe the story of her rescue. Could there be intelligent life hidden in Europa’s icy waters? First in a breathtaking series!


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My goals for promotion:

Showcase the book for more readers.

Drive readers to the next 3 books in this series and the pre-order for book 5.

Win a profit

Gain a bestseller flag in the US.  


The promotion met all my goals. Within two days, the sales ran into a profit. By the end of October, Europa had more than 2000 sales. Note, Barnes and Noble had no sales due to their hacking problem. 

Europa gained Amazon Bestseller stickers at the US, UK, Canada and Australia. This Bestseller status is temporary, but a pleasing reward.


Sales of the later books in this series were strong with more than 300 sold in October. 

There were also 18 pre-orders for Baswin, Book 5, which is scheduled for publication in July 2021. All the books also gained several new reviews.

I am encouraged by this successful promotion. In the next year, I plan to write and publish Books 5 and 6 in Taxyon Space.



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