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An Alien Water World - Excerpt from KARRIK for #WeWriWa and #SnippetSunday


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I’m continuing to post snippets from my current work, Karrik, Book 6 of SciFi series, Taxyon Space. The book is available for pre-order at selected retailers, while I finish checking for typos.

Brief recap: due to crippling battle injuries, Karrik is in a hospice on the aliens’ home world.

The last couple of weeks introduced Karrik’s older brother Alarik and his human lover, Phoebe. Phoebe’s brother Deimos is recovering from torture by a Martian gang. Their story began in Book 4, Alarik. You can find last week’s excerpt at

I’ve jumped ahead for this week’s excerpt to give you a glimpse of the alien water world. The starship has arrived near Rishalt and Phoebe jumped through the quantum transporter.

Wrapping a supportive arm around Deimos, Alarik steered the boy after his sister. The haze cleared, and they stepped into the spaceport. Instead of the busy public terminal with crowds of people, they arrived in a small room with a single exit. A transparent wall offered the first view of the planet. Under a cloud-streaked cyan sky, the blue-green ocean dominated the view. Rippling waves extended to the horizon, broken in mid-distance by the vividly colored towers of the capital city.

Phoebe stared out the window, wide-eyed in awe. 

Alarik smiled at her rapt expression. “You are gazing at the floating city of Pucklerakt.”

Nine sentences and a few more

Maintaining her gaze on the view, she exclaimed, “Rishalt is beautiful. It’s totally different to the yellowish sky and dusty red soil of Mars.”

Deimos sagged against Alarik’s arm, groaning, “Styx. High gravity sucks.”

Phoebe spun around and hastened to grab the boy’s free arm.

Appreciating the problem, Alarik maneuvered the boy onto a conveniently placed bench. Even with grav-ease, interstellar travelers frequently experienced the punch of heavier weight on disembarking from a starship.


Karrik, Book 6 in Taxyon Space

Karrik Kenton Tallis, Third of the Flaming Comets, endures a miserable existence in a hospice on his home planet. Unable to walk or speak more than a single word, he misses his older brothers and is unaware of their sacrifice to ensure his care. He cherishes a faint hope of recovering his health.

Karrik’s life improves when his brothers return to Rishalt with their human companions. Alarik, First of the Triad, is escorting Phoebe Wong with her brother and a mysterious alien object for an audience with Prime Jadel. The middle brother, Baswin, is traveling home with Holly and Rosie Moon. The Moon sisters are enrolled in an experimental program to train human psychics to navigate in hyperspace and relieve humans of their onerous reliance on Warrish tripilots. Rosie, a psychic healer, desires to help Karrik despite the conflict with her duty to humanity.

But the water world of Rishalt holds many hazards, both above and beneath the waves. Can the alien treasure help the three brothers to conquer the challenges and unite with their chosen partners? Read the scintillating story of the Flaming Comet brothers to learn the answers.

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  1. High gravity would be tough to deal with. When we think of space or another planet - generally it is equal gravity or lesser. But heavy would be so hard to deal with. Tweeted.

    1. I suppose many would be higher than on Earth. In this case, the gravity is higher than for their voyage in the starship or on the moon Europa.