Saturday, February 4, 2023

The Vipers - Excerpt from KARRIK for #WeWriWa and #SnippetSunday

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I’m continuing to post snippets from my current work, Karrik, Book 6 of SciFi series, Taxyon Space. Brief recap: due to crippling battle injuries, Karrik is in a hospice on the aliens’ home world.

Last week’s excerpt introduced Karrik’s older brother Alarik and his human lover, Phoebe. Their story began in Book 4, Alarik. You can read the excerpt at:

Alarik reflected in wry amusement on their intertwined lives. “Our journeys were launched when the Eekrepisth ship crashed on Mars. That sad accident knitted our paths together.”

She cocked her head. “And Deimos? Poor Deimos is still suffering from the Vipers’ torture.”

“Don’t worry, Sparrow. I have assumed responsibility for your brother’s welfare also.” Phoebe had discovered her unconscious brother in the medical facility of Bathos, the lower level of Galileo Station. His injuries were consistent with torture by the vicious Martian criminal gang.

Ten sentences and a few more

Alarik and Phoebe deduced that Deimos had become the Vipers’ quarry after he acquired the alien object on Mars. His bruises and broken bones were healing, although he had not yet recovered his full strength nor his memory of the events leading to his injuries.

Phoebe murmured, “Where is he? He was right in front of us.”

“The Undercaptains have taken him into the main section of the starship.” Alarik gestured to the arched exit of the vestibule.

He guided Phoebe under the arch into a short connector ending at a barrier. A glistening circle of membrane in the wall served as an airlock. They separated to step one after the other through the iridescent membrane into a curved passage.

Reclaiming Phoebe’s hand, Alarik explained, “This passage spirals around the living section of the starship and gives access to the cabins, ship’s offices, and bridge.” 

I plan to set the book up for pre-order soon.  

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  1. Nice descriptions and a bit of info without being too much. Interesting snippet.

    1. Thanks. It's difficult to find the right balance when I'm introducing characters from two books earlier in the series.

  2. Love the details that support instead of overwhelm the dialog. Feels like I'm walking right beside them.

  3. Somehow "vicious Martian criminal gang" sounds rather creepy and dangerous. Tweeted.

    1. They are dangerous, and were a critical threat in the earlier book, Alarik.

  4. Interesting world building type details today - enjoyed the snippet!

    1. thanks. I'm getting ready to set up the pre-orders

  5. Somehow I'd not expected a Martian criminal gang--but I suppose every culture (human or alien) has its own reprobates. This one sounds particularly nasty. Great snippet!

    1. Thanks. The earlier book, Alarik, has several scenes with Phoebe in the Martian colonies.

  6. I almost wondered it it weren't a double entendre there with a membrane as an airlock separating the living section of the ship....