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Background to The Lady is Blue #ScienceFiction #Romance

My science fiction romance novel The Lady is Blue is set on the distant planet of Eden in a small town, which mingles aspects of Yale University, USA, and Oxford University, UK.

The Science Center housing the heroine's lab is a recreation of the Kline Biology Tower at Yale.

Its 12th floor cafeteria is the site of several scenes, including an attempt to kill the heroine. The real cafeteria was popular among science faculty and students for lunch and informal discussions. No scaly aliens have dined in the cafe to my knowledge, although I once met a famous ballet dancer who had been smuggled in under the assumed name of Mr Brown to see real research laboratories.

The park and river with bridge are transported from Oxford University Parks.

The Lady is Blue: What Color are your Scales?
Book 1 in the series Atrapako on Eden
Dr. Lucy Stannis emigrated from Terra expecting her fiancé to follow her to a new life on the small colony on the terraformed planet of Eden. He never left home and married someone else. After a few years, Lucy is bored and her current lover is too possessive. He insists she choose between him and the aliens. How can he be jealous of a sharp clawed alien covered in hard scales? She is a scientist and thrilled by the arrival of an alien spaceship.
Sa Kamizan Veedak led the Atrapako exiles on the hazardous five-year voyage from their home planet. His lover chose to abandon the space voyage and stay behind. Can he find solace in the beautiful human scientist he befriends on Eden? He must struggle to hide the Atrapako secret from Lucy while encouraging her affection until the time is right.
Conflict is inevitable. The aliens are not as peaceful and logical as they pretend. Nor are the humans as weak-willed and defenseless as they appear to the aliens. Also, Lucy is a secret agent in contact with the Terran Space Agency. Can she uncover the Atrapako secret in time to prevent slaughter? Must she choose between Sa Kamizan and the freedom of the colony on Eden? 

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What Reviewers say about The Lady is Blue
“Really Captivating and Fun!”
“This book grabbed me with sharp alien claws from the very first and would not let me go.”
“I loved the twists and turns of the story.”
“The ending was a good surprise.”
Main Characters
The main protagonist is Dr. Lucy Stannis, a scientist and secret Terran agent. She is aided and abetted by Dr. Colin Murti, her physician; Roger Fourno, her (soon to be ex-) lover; Dr. Trisha Duran and Dr. Jun Danzhu, her friends and scientific colleagues, and her students, especially the beautiful Sonia.
The elected Governors of the independent colony on Eden are: Mossy Fairweather, Don Vargos and Bernal Mathis.
Lucy is in contact with Admiral Simon Sinclair on a Terran Spaceship.

The Atrapako Blue, Sa Kamizan Veedak, Captain of their spaceship is the major player. He is supported by the old Blue judge, Sa Radekis Volkin, and the Green scientists, Te Suzzaine Sukla and Te Tamarkis Varenne. He is opposed by the young Blue Sa Varasek and the other Blues, including the Honorable Lady Kamilla.
The Atrapako have a rigid class system and their scales are colored according to their class.
Blues are the leaders. They scheme for power and expect instant obedience from the other classes.
Greens are the technologists, scientists, and mechanics.
Reds are strong and massive. They are soldiers and laborers and rarely speak. They have no names as far as the other classes are concerned.
Yellows are the children and anyone not included in the other three classes. For instance, an artist would be a Yellow since art is an unvalued talent, unnecessary for survival on Vkani. 

Short Conversation between the Main Characters:
“Why do you talk to me anyway?” Lucy said. 
He laughed and seemed to relax again. “Your questions are very direct, Dr. Stannis. I like your fearlessness. The others are nervous or afraid of me.”
“I’m not surprised they are nervous,” she retorted. “You have vicious teeth and sharp claws.”
He curled one set of claws in front of her face and ran them lightly down her arm. It tickled and Lucy grinned. “Oh, you are so mild mannered you wouldn’t dare to lay a hand on me!” 
Sa Kamizan gripped her wrist firmly. “Call your committee and tell them they need another token female scientist. Then, you can see me at the meetings.”
“I may be a disruptive influence.” Lucy grimaced, she hated restraints. Suddenly, she twisted her wrist against his thumb in a maneuver intended to free her arm. It was a mistake. Her arm slipped free, but she felt claws scrape her skin as Sa Kamizan quickly pulled his hand away.
She examined her arm. Blood was welling from two shallow punctures. Immediately, she realized most humans would blame Sa Kamizan if the incident were known. She glanced up. He looked wary, waiting for her response with crest lowered. “I hope your nails are clean,” she remarked nonchalantly, while searching through her pockets with the uninjured hand. 
He stared at his hand. Then, he offered her a wad of tissues from a desk drawer. “Let me help you.” He wiped off the blood.  “You should be more cautious in future when playing with Atrapako,” he said softly. 

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