Saturday, January 16, 2016

#SciFi Snippet from Grand Master's Mate for #WeWriWa

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Today, I’m continuing the scene on the ocean planet from my new release Grand Master’s Mate. By this stage, the Grand Master, Athanor, has learned not to trust entirely to his powers since their enemies can nullify them. In this scene, he and Violet wear protective underwater suits with air and jetpacks. Amarylla looks like a giant flower with three pink petals and gangling roots. Callama is a clam shell with a central membrane forming a sail.
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Three pairs of bright yellow eyes on the tips of dark ribbons converged on Callama. The ribbon eels wriggled around the shell boat and Violet understood their vibrations, “Our homes are cracked. Our children are eaten.”
Death, slaughter, craze the sand city,” Callama’s slow hum was quickened by horror.
Dive faster by Dagda’s horn,” Athanor urged. Gripping Violet, he rotated until their heads pointed down and zoomed towards the murky bottom.  As they dived farther from the sunlight, the green water darkened to murky black. Only the blue beams of Athanor’s eyes penetrated the gloom. The sinuous bodies glistened each time they swam into Athanor’s blue beams. 
A larger snake with a body as thick as a man’s paused nearby. Its amber eyes shone in the dark and it urged the smaller eels, “Gather together for a mass attack on the invaders.”   

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  1. Uh oh. This sounds bad. Good visual writing, Aurora. :-)

  2. Oh dear, I'm guessing Athanor and Violet are the invaders. More great stuff here, as usual!

  3. They're in (more) trouble now! Exciting stuff.

  4. Oh no! How tragic! And now they are in greater danger. Yikes!

  5. Creative and interesting creatures! My alien imagination is lacking. Great job painting that picture :D

  6. My worst nightmare - trapped underwater with giant eels, etc. Vividly described, always enjoy your snippets!

  7. Given how different these creatures are, I wonder what their idea of war is like.

    1. They said their homes were cracked and their children eaten - sounds like an alien war to me.

  8. I absolutely love all the colors you put into your writing, Aurora. It makes it so much easier to visualize. :D

  9. Excellent as always, Aurora. You are very successful in drawing your reader in- every time!

  10. Excellent as always, Aurora. You are very successful in drawing your reader in- every time!