Saturday, January 2, 2016

#ScienceFiction Snippet from Ocean planet in Grand Master's Mate for #WeWriWa

First, I wish you a wonderful New Year!
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Today, I’m continuing the scene on the ocean planet from my new release Grand Master’s Mate. By this stage, Athanor has learned not to trust entirely to his powers since their enemies can nullify them. In this scene, he and Violet wear protective underwater suits with air and jetpacks.
I’m skipping a few lines from last week’s snippet, which you can read here –

The sun sank into the green ocean and the crescent of a moon rose into the sky before they reached their goal. At length, Callama’s shell slowed to a halt, and rocked in the gentle swell of the green, foam-flecked waves. 
The great shell hummed, “Weep, deep, Callama dives.”
Bollerol translated through its spout, “Callama enters the deeps. Shell sections will seal together. Ride inside or out?”
“By thunder, I’ll swim outside the shell and see where I’m going,” Athanor growled, pulling down his faceplate.
“Pull me with you,” Violet said, attaching her breather tube. The Grand Master could travel underwater as easily as in the air. Wrapping his arm around Violet’s waist, he vaulted into the water and grasped hold of a ridge on the exterior of Callama’s shell.

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  1. Intriguing scene. I SCUBA dive and it's a lot of work. Your way seems so much easier. :-)

    Happy New Year. Aurora. :-)

    1. Happy New Year, Teresa!
      Well he can teleport too, if he can visualize the destination.

  2. Now THAT is a neat super-power, Aurora. I hope we get to read what happens next!

  3. Now THAT is a neat super-power, Aurora. I hope we get to read what happens next!

  4. You put so much detail in to your world-building.

  5. Great details, you make it so easy to feel like I'm one of the characters :-) I'd love to ride in a shell boat!

  6. This guy has all the best powers! I love that the shell knew to ask how he wanted to travel.

    1. He does - for traveling and moving objects. But, not empathy - Violet has that one.

  7. I love all the details of this journey! Great excerpt...

  8. I wonder if there'll be much for them to see. If you dive deep, the light disappears pretty rapidly.

    1. They have headlamps and the sea creatures have luminescent eyes.

  9. Happy new year! Beautiful descriptions, as always. Also, pretty much everything is more awesome with jetpacks.