Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Teaser Tuesday - #Superhero Awakes - #ScienceFiction Romance

Here is an excerpt from my WIP - a Young Adult Superhero Romance with Aliens and Superanimals

Estelle woke. Surreal streamers of color swirled behind her eyelids. Her head throbbed with pain and her stiff body ached. Questions crawled into her mind. What had happened? Where was she? Who was she?
She cracked her eyes open. A white blur filled her field of vision. She tried to rub her eyes, but found her hand was fastened at the wrist. Wriggling each part of her body, she discovered cold metal bands pinned her forehead, her arms and legs. Fear shivered through her restrained body and her mind whirled in confusion.
Fighting off panic, she forced herself into a wary calm. Gradually, her vision cleared and memories crept back. She was Estelle Wright. Seventeen years old, on her way to college.
What had happened to her? More memories crowded into her foggy mind. Images flashed, a black cat pouncing at her, a white horse rearing into explosions of green and white light. Spotty, the dappled mare, had ridden into a deafening blast on the Army Firing Range.
Was she in a hospital? Estelle stared up. Curved glass enclosed her body. Above the transparent cylinder, glossy lines decorated the white ceiling. Her gaze traveled along the interleaved spiral paths. Blinking, she wrenched her focus away from the hypnotic patterns.
What was this creepy place? It was not a regular hospital. Estelle blinked and scrunched her eyelids closed. What hospital would have the weird, labyrinthine spirals on the ceiling?
Voices drifted to her ears from an adjacent room. They seemed to be discussing her.
“She is very young for the transformation.” A woman’s voice, judging by the high pitch.
The gruff voice of a man said, “Can we trust a native like her? Our need is urgent. The enemy grows more intrusive.”
Estelle held her breath, intent on listening to the conversation outside her room.
A second man said, “She is not the first, nor the youngest. She is nearly eighteen.” The nasal twang hit a familiar chord. The image of his sullen face and black ponytail flew into her mind. Toby, the surly young man with the motorbike. What was he doing in this strange place? Curiosity dampened her fears and sharpened her hearing.
The first man asked, “What do you know of this girl, Tobarian?”
 “She is paired with a mare as her Farleon companion.” Toby’s twang again. Was his name really Tobarian?
“Excellent! Set her free and watch for her powers to emerge. We need every recruit.” The authoritative man sounded enthusiastic.
The woman said, “Sol Farleon, the girl may wake soon. We expected her to be unconscious for at least twenty four hours. But, she keeps rousing and must be dosed back to sleep. Her body requires time to adapt to the transformation. The next cycle will finish in two minutes.”
“We don’t want her to eavesdrop on our conversation. Activate the block and we’ll leave her to your ministrations, Mir Celesta,” the older man ordered.
“I’ll start the wake cycle,” the woman said. Their voices faded. Estelle assumed they had muted the sound in some manner. 

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