Thursday, October 8, 2015

Snippet for #SFFSat - the Interrupted Wedding in Grand Master's Mate

Welcome to another Saturday of Science Fiction & Fantasy and read snippets exchanged by several writers.
My contribution this week is from my unedited WIP, Grand Master’s Mate, Book 3 in the Grand Master’s Trilogy. This scene was inspired by Jupiter Ascending. The interrupted wedding occurs early in the book. I apologize for the repetition to anyone from weekend writing warriors.

The Director of the Center for Life Science opened the ceremony. His slow, sonorous voice tended to send his listeners to sleep and today was no exception. He began with a long winded introduction to the bride and groom and their excellent qualities.
Bored by the lecture, Athanor leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes. In contrast, Violet’s green eyes gleamed with delight as she gazed at the wedding couple. She had never attended a marriage rite and Tessa was her special friend.
While she watched the ceremony, Violet kept her senses tuned to Athanor. She feared he would fall asleep and inadvertently expose everyone to his raw power when he woke. His mind hazed and she sent him a mental pinch.
Suppressing a yawn, he sent unconvincingly, “I’m awake.” His thoughts sharpened and he griped, “Next time, remind me not to accept an invitation to a wedding.”
You weren’t invited,” she snickered mentally and squeezed his hand.
After the Director finished his introduction, the rest of the ceremony was short and simple. The mediator offered a blessing and Phineas slid the ring over Tessa’s slender finger; Violet’s eyes misted, anticipating their happiness.
Boom; A red explosion shattered the glass panes in the curved wall of the atrium.

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  1. Ouch! I wasn't expecting the final line - nice change of pace! (All right, so I feel sorry for Tessa having her day spoiled, but hey - that's what happens in action-adventure!)

    1. Would I have a tame wedding scene at the beginning of the book?

  2. Darn those explosions always interrupting beautiful scenes. Nice twist at the end!

  3. I liked the mental jab she gave him and the setup for the twist at the end by lulling us in to the ceremony.

  4. One can never go wrong by adding an explosion to a scene! Fun stuff.

  5. Sounds like someone has an objection to the wedding.