Saturday, October 10, 2015

Snippet for #WeWriWa from WIP Grand Master's Mate

Welcome to another Sunday with Weekend Writing Warriors. Here, writers in different genres showcase their stories with 8-10 sentences. Join the fun and read our snippets.

Today, I’ll continue the horrid wedding scene from my WIP, Grand Master’s Mate, Book 3 in the trilogy. Violet and her Grand Master, Athanor, are at her friend’s wedding when the Red Queen, Morrigu, drops in, explosively.

You can read last Sunday’s snippet here: 

Blue psi streaked from Athanor at his enemy. Whirling to face his threat, Morrigu flung a red curtain to block the blue ray. The two opposing Grand Masters were evenly matched, but Athanor was expending his energy to protect the unpowered people.
Shaken and helpless, Violet bit her lip. Who would weaken first?

Bells chimed and a pillar of white light appeared next to Lira. The scent of roses wafted through the room. The bright pillar resolved into a tall lady with long, golden hair and a flowing pink dress.
“Amarylla,” Violet cried, recognizing the flowery scent of the Grand Master in spite of her human disguise.

Books 1 & 2 of the Trilogy are published. 

Grand Master’s Pawn:

Grand Master’s Game:

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  1. Very colourful snippet--and now with the addition of scent. I love how you've used your magic to increase the sensory content.

  2. Excellent- looks like sweet-smelling reinforcements have arrived!

  3. Oh! Things are getting even more interesting! Hope you pick up right from here next week.

  4. I'm always entranced by the use of color in your snippets! And as always, I enjoy the action!

  5. Help in the nick of time! Hope they get to kick Morrigu's psi-ass!
    Brilliant engagement on all the senses Aurora!

  6. Lots of senses used in this makes it easy to picture.

  7. The Grand Master to the rescue! Wonderful use of the senses, Aurora! I felt very much a witness to this scene. :-)

    1. A third Grand Master at the wedding. How extraordinary!