Saturday, December 26, 2015

Romantic #ScienceFiction snippet from Grand Master's Mate for #WeWriWa

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Today, I’m continuing the scene on the ocean planet from my new release Grand Master’s Mate. You can read last week’s snippet here –
I’ve skipped a few lines for another snippet without a fight. Violet and her Grand Master, Athanor, came to the Planet of AguaSalva in response to a plea for help when the planet’s oceans were invaded. Here, they are sailing on the giant shell, Callama.

Athanor focused on the line of teal at the distant horizon where the sky touched the sea. Every few minutes, he glanced into the translucent waters or at Violet’s face. Sensing the warmth of his gaze, Violet flushed. They did not need words to exchange their love.
We look like two sea lions,” he sent.
Smirking out of his sight, she pretended to grumble, “I hoped for a few romantic words on our pleasant cruise, you walrus.” 
You know I can’t make sweet talk, nor do I have tusks.” He covered her hand on the shell with his long fingers. “I’d rather see you without the suit.”
Later, after we’ve dealt with the invaders,” she proposed. 

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  1. I like the humor passing between them. Nicely done, Aurora. :-)

  2. Nice interaction Aurora. The really do fit well together!

  3. Nice interaction Aurora. The really do fit well together!

    1. Of course, after several months together they have moved past the awkward stage, mostly.

  4. He actually sounds quite sweet, in his own way.

  5. Haha that was cute and romantic. I liked it a lot. I think Athanor is better at sweet talk than he realizes.

    1. Thanks! I wanted to give you a change from fights. He hasn't had a lot of practice.

  6. A charming snippet, love the way they gently tease each other at this point.

  7. Walruses, eh? Which Beatle was supposed to be the walrus?

    Happy New Year, Aurora.

    1. Not sure. Actually, she is referring to their watersuits.