Saturday, December 5, 2015

#ScienceFiction Snippet 2: attack on Illoris from Grand Master's Mate for #WeWriWa

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Today, I’ll continue the snippet from Grand Master’s Mate. Violet and Athanor are visiting their friend, the Black Dragon, Ythris, on the Planet of Sythos, when the Moon is attacked. Note, the Brululians resemble man-sized lobsters and walliths are reptilian aliens.  

You can read last week’s snippet here:

Emerging under the dome of the portal station on the Moon Illoris, Violet blinked at the confused melee of the attack. Giant amoeboids rolled over the rocky surface like gobs of gel. One wallith thrashed on the ground, leaking blue blood from its ripped limbs. The second wallith tore pieces from a pale green blob.

Seltos was nowhere in sight. Violet guessed he had scouted the moon and already returned to report to the Black Dragon.

The Brululian Warden reared in front of its cabin in a valiant attempt to protect its babies. Gulpah’s shell was coated in green slime and two of its thin limbs had snapped at the joints and hung useless. Undeterred by the wounds, Gulpah’s large foreclaw pinched into the squirming gel of its assailant.


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  1. What a terrific scene of absolute carnage! Nicely done Aurora!

  2. What a terrific scene of absolute carnage! Nicely done Aurora!

  3. Wow, blob attack! You always come up with the most amazing, original creatures, and describe them so well.

    1. I had fun with the "blob" - a pivotal new villain in this book.

  4. You're so good at these action/fight scenes! I can really visualize the way the participants are battling and interacting, so clearly written.

  5. LOL. You always write great attack scenes, Aurora.