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Lovers Merge - Grand Master's Trilogy for #ScienceFiction #Romance Brigade Showcase

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Today, I am highlighting the romance in the Grand Master's Trilogy.
The Grand Master’s Trilogy stars powerful psychics, colorful aliens on exotic planets, and chronicles a love story. The titles of the books hint at the developing relationship of the main protagonists, Violet and her Grand Master Athanor:

Book 1: Grand Master’s Pawn

Book 2: Grand Master’s Game  

Book 3: Grand Maser’s Mate

Violet and Athanor pursue the predacious Grand Masters destroying the portal web and disrupting civilization, while their relationship progresses from unseen master and disobedient servant through an awkward courtship and a rocky road to a partnership of two equals.  

My favorite comment from a reviewer: “Exciting and vivid sci fi/fantasy/adventure, grounded in real emotions and fully realized characters”

Seasonally Apt Excerpt from Grand Master’s Pawn
An accident has landed Violet on top of her mysterious Grand Master and she is exposed to his raw, usually deadly, power. They have a little mental tussle, attempting to learn about each other.

His voice in her mind gained clarity, “Our auras interacted and merged. Did you wish to know me better?” Violet caught his flicker of amused insight. He was enthralled and not repelled by their intimate mental contact.

The spinning ceased, and Violet felt his rhythmic breathing as she lay on top of him, his arms wrapped around her. Strands of his hair fell across her lips. Or was it her hair on his lips in an echo from their merged minds? He blew softly and the hairs lifted, sending a breath of desire through her. Yet, what did she know about his thoughts? He waited patiently while she danced over the surface of his mind without disturbing the privacy of the darker recesses. Her image reflected in all his recent memories and she felt humbled.

Bewildered by their mental entanglement, she said, “What should we do?

I know what I’d like to do,” he replied. She felt his arousal and her desire flamed.

Athanor continued, “Do you trust me yet? I will not force you or order you to obey me as your Grand Master. It is your choice, my desirable pawn.

Why did he mention trust? “Don’t confuse me,” she retorted. “I’m your disobedient pawn, remember.” His face was warm against her cheek and his hair tickled her nose. “This is lust, not trust!” Emoting her desire, she nibbled his ear lobe and felt a thrill ripple into his body.

Undressing was too slow for him. He groaned, power flared and their wet clothes vanished.

Grand Master's Pawn

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  1. Thanks for sharing your book blurb. Looks pretty spicy!

  2. *Whew* I don't remember any of your previous excerpts being this--intriguing.

    1. I must have emphasized a different type of action.
      You can read it all for only 99c!

  3. A couple of lines really stood out to me. "Lust not trust" -- great line. And then there's the grand master's method of removing clothes -- man, I would've killed for that power back in university. I trust (or is that lust?) that his lovemaking will be slower and more romantic.

    1. You'll have to ask Violet. I keep to the aural climax.

  4. He certainly is direct about things, vanishing the clothing! Nice touch. Enjoyed the excerpt...

    1. Thanks! Not quiet as direct as this appears. There was a little kissing immediately before this snippet.

  5. Loved the 'lust not trust'. Can he get their clothes back later??