Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Aurora's Mid Year Reflections

July is over and the school year will start soon. What have I accomplished in the first 7 months of 2016?

Writing Progress:
I started a new series about superheroes on contemporary Earth, the Secret Supers. The superhero adventure is combined with a murder mystery and sweet romance. In my unique twist, the superheroes are bonded with animal companions. Of course, I have added aliens and genetic engineering as well as romance to the mix. The first two stories are set in and around Atalanta, my fictional version of Atlanta, and also a lighter, southern Gotham City.

This year, I published the first two books in the Secret Supers Series: Super Starrella and Starrella Falls. I have written 22,000 messy words in Book 3 with the working title of Starrella Abroad and set in the University town of Oxenford, UK. The books are currently priced at 99c or FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

 Secret Supers

In an attempt to appease fans of the Grand Master’s Trilogy, I have written a short prequel, Grand Master’s Cat. This story is on pre-order for release on August 30th

Also, I have joined other authors of the Science Fiction Romance Brigade in 2 ventures.
An 8-author Anthology: Romancing the Stars: 8 Short Stories of Galactic Romance & Adventure. 

The Portals Project: Your Gateway to Science Fiction Romance
The #SFRBrigade community of writers is creating a series of FREE volumes of Science Fiction Romance beginnings ~ each volume has the beginning chapters of 10 books by 10 different authors! My stories appear in Volumes 3 and 6.  

Visit http://www.sfrportals.blogspot.com for the latest releases.

Social Connections:
My twitter followers have grown to >7000.
I am climbing toward 1000 likes on my Facebook Page.
I have claimed a domain and created a new website: http://AuroraSpringer.com
You can find my books on BookBub and my posts on Niume.
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