Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Country Scenes in South East UK #Travel #GreatBritain

The British Isles have many lovely regions, but I grew up in the Southeast and visit every year. Last summer, I stayed near Bristol and hiked in the countryside nearby. Here are some typical scenes.  

There are public footpaths where you can hike across farm fields and wilder regions with gently rolling hills. 

You can find great views over the surrounding countryside from the hilltops. 

Here is a view down to a farmhouse and fields with "retired" horses. 

Ponies grazing in a field near a river. This picture was taken in the evening as the sun was setting - notice the deep shadows.   

One of the highlights of the British countryside must be the local pubs. We had lunch in this one, the White Hart Inn. Notice the stone walls and slate tiles on the roof. 

Another common attraction for foreign visitors may be the old churches and graveyards. 

What are your favorite places? 

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