Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Grand Masters' Galaxy as Mythic Fiction

Grand Masters’ Galaxy as Mythic Fiction

In my Grand Masters Series, the galaxy is ruled in secret by the Council of Twelve Grand Masters. They are a powerful, contentious and deadly group of entities.
Some have counterparts in mythology, like Pashtari Hanuman with the face and serenity of a Buddha.
Others have a mixture of origins, like the Red Queen Morrigu, an amalgam of Celtic and Hindu myth, with her ruby eyes, four arms and strawberry blonde braids.  
Others have no obvious mythical precedent. Radjuser resembles an octopus and exudes orange slime. The planetoid, Amarylla Threeleaf, communicates by rustling her leaves and emitting scents.

Grand Masters’ Galaxy
Teleport through the galaxy in this thrilling SciFi Adventure
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Grand Master’s Game, Book 2 Amazon  iBooks  Kobo  B&N
Grand Master’s Mate, Book 3 Amazon
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The titles of the books in the main Trilogy suggest the chess analogy. The heroine, Violet, like Alice in Alice Through the Looking Glass, jumps through a portal to the next planet and a new adventure. She travels to more than a dozen planets and two moons during the Trilogy. Violet has the task of probing into the secrets of the Grand Masters. During her adventures, she acquires allies: the fierce dragon lord Ythris, barbarian Kondric with an unexpected skill for explosive chemistry, and of course, her crafty Grand Master, the Griffin. Athanor Griffin schemes to use Violet as bait to overthrow his enemies on the Council. 

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