Saturday, October 22, 2016

Totally cool! Snippet from Secret Supers, Book 3, for #WeWriWa #Superheroes #Gargoyles

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I have begun posting snippets from Book 3 of Secret Supers. It’s still at the editing stage, so please let me know if you see any problems.

Draft Blurb
Danger is the last thing on Estelle’s mind when she visits the University of Oxenford for a summer course. But, mysterious thefts and shadowy figures spur her into action. With Toby five thousand miles away, Estelle and her winged horse must hunt for the culprits alone. Soon they are embroiled in a mixed bag of aliens and ancient magic. Toby’s unexpected arrival throws her into turmoil and spurs events into a climax. 

Continuing the first chapter. Estelle and her friend Diane have arrived at St. Swithin’s College in Oxenford for a Summer Abroad program. Okay, it’s really Oxford with creative changes. You can read last week’s snippet here -
Last line from Estelle’s perspective:  Stone gargoyles protruded from the corners of the square tower; caricatures of men and beasts with leering mouths and lolling tongues, their hollow eyes stared straight at her.
          (Snippet skips some description. Please excuse modified punctuation to fit.)

Ice shivering down her spine, Estelle froze in horror. The gargoyles were watching; had they penetrated her secret identity? A second later, clouds scudded across the sun and the uncanny illusion dimmed. Exhaling in relief, she said, “Yeah, it’s totally cool; we don’t have anything that ancient in Atalanta.”
“It’s way better than London,” Diane exclaimed, “London’s got the museums and the old tower by the Thames, but Oxenford has real character. Can’t you imagine the medieval crowd strolling along this lane five hundred years ago?” She gestured past the bus to the church opposite the high wall of the St. Swithin’s College, “Lords and ladies in their gaudy cloaks, poor students wearing shabby gowns, a soldier riding his warhorse and peasants pulling carts of vegetables to the market.”  
Visualizing the bustling crowds, Estelle joked, “Imagine the smell of sweat and horse manure.” After spending summers on her uncle’s farm, Estelle knew a lot about livestock. “Or worse,” she added, glancing from the upper story windows of the colleges to the drainage channel in the center of the street. 

Now you've learned a little about the relationship of Estelle and Diane, what would you like next? I can show you some gargoyle action, or a peek at Toby. 

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  1. The drainage channel? Yuck! I'm glad those aren't used anymore. Nice snippet! Gargoyle action? That sounds like fun. :)

  2. Yourf snippet definitely put vivid images before me, very good.

  3. Oh yeah, I think I'll skip that smell. I love those olden days, but I'd like it a lot better without the horrid smells.

    And definitely gargoyle action!

  4. Wonderful writing, Aurora. I love the last line form last week. Bordering poetic! And the last line this week? Nice, lol, in a horrible kind of way.

  5. It seems like Diana wants to romanticise it and Estelle is not going to let her do it.

  6. Gargoyle action, please, Aurora!

    This was a very "sensory satisfying" scene. It created a very rich picture in my mind. Good job, as always.

  7. I'll pile on for the gargoyles! It's easy to romanticize the past, when the smell was probably anything but. :-)

  8. Estelle seems determined to be realistic all right! Great snippet, quite vivid.

    1. Thanks! She is a science major and usually cool-headed, except where Toby is concerned.

  9. Yup, I would also rather visualize the past than smell it. Great snippet!

  10. Love Diane's take on the history and the recreated scene.

  11. Very vividly described - I could really picture the scene! Fantastic snippet.

  12. And the fact that the aristocracy hated to bathe... Great snippet, Aurora. :)

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  14. I'm getting a kick out of how they each see the history of the place and how very different the visual is.

  15. Open sewers, what comes the plague! LOL! No thanks. Love the gargoyles!