Wednesday, May 31, 2017

My Next Novel is Set on Europa #SciFi #amwriting

Facts about Europa

Sixth moon of Jupiter.
Fourth largest moon of Jupiter.
A little smaller than Earth’s moon.
Surface layer of ice over an ocean of water and iron-nickel core.
The thin atmosphere of oxygen. 
These aspects suggest there may be life on the moon, probably in the ocean. 

The moon orbits at a distance of about 400,000 miles from Jupiter
It orbits Jupiter in about 3.5 days with the same side facing the gas planet like our moon. 

Europa is named for one of the lovers of the Greek god Zeus. 
Zeus took the form of a white bull when he abducted her. 

Here is a NASA artist's concept of the landscape of Europa
Does Europa look like a good setting for a science fiction story? 

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