Saturday, May 20, 2017

Peaceful Family - start of Cosmic Rift for #WeWriWa #SciFi Fantasy Adventure

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I skipped last week due to helping my son move to an apartment. What else should a mother do on Mother’s Day?
This week, I’ll begin snippets from my forthcoming release, Cosmic Rift, Book 4 in the Grand Masters’ Galaxy. The mother-son relationship is an important aspect of this story.

Empath Violet embarks on a new and desperate mission to find her missing lover.
Violet’s happy family is shattered when Athanor Griffin vanishes. The formidable Grand Master might have teleported anywhere in the galaxy. Violet strives to find her psychic partner, while looking after their baby and fulfilling his duties on the Council. Her frantic search uncovers a new threat to galactic civilization along with resurgence of the infamous Ixioth slavers. The Council dithers in response to her call for action, and even her former allies believe the Griffin is dead. She must risk her son, her psi-powers, and her life to rescue her beloved mate in the hope they can unite to fight the menace.

First lines
Violet sat in the nursery of the Griffin’s Eyrie, rocking her baby son in her arms and crooning a lullaby. Little Varan smiled at her. At nine months old, the jet black of his short hair rivaled his father’s. His blue-green eyes were solemn, his eyelids drifting lower as he grew sleepy. 
The orange cat, Rascal, a furry weight across her shoulders, purred his loud, “Love you, love you.”
The two fluffies curled at her feet like a pair of oversized bunny slippers. Dilly and Dally had identical white noses and silky brown fur, although Dilly had conspicuous white patches on her flanks. Their alien minds mumbled a contented refrain, “Sleep, happy sleep, sleep happy.” 
Her usual entourage of bedtime assistants, except for Athanor, her beloved psychic partner. She hummed to little Varan, alert for his father to pop in at any moment.

Informal Tag line: Even galaxy-trotting heroines need a babysitter.

I am still debating how much backstory is needed in Chapter one, since I assume most readers will arrive at this book after reading Books 1-3. If you have read any of these stories, you will meet some of the same characters as well as new alien entities.


Cosmic Rift, Book 4 in the Grand Masters’ Galaxy is on pre-order for $2.99 and releases June 23rd at: Amazon  iBooks  Kobo  B&N

If you would like to sample the series, try the short prequel, Grand Master’s Cat

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  1. What a sweet, special moment. I really enjoyed this snippet. :)

  2. Effing Feling approves of this snippet!

    1. No surprises there! The cat is part of this family.

  3. Replies
    1. Peaceful start and by chapter 3 she's fighting aliens.

  4. Well that's a beautiful moment, very peaceful, and should - as you say - heighten the intensity of the difficulties ahead for her. Well done snippet.

  5. Lovely start, Aurora. I just know it won't last, but it is a gorgeous, gentle interlude.

  6. Lovely opening, with just a hint that Athanor is missing.

  7. Lovely scene, so sweet--brings back memories of rocking my own children and grandchildren. Emotionally touching. Nice job.

  8. Aw, this is sweet. I need these kinds of bedtime assistants.

  9. I love the descriptions in your snippets!

  10. That's such a nice little family to put this baby to sleep. It sounds very sweet, quiet and comfortable.