Saturday, May 6, 2017

Snippet from Secret Supers for #WeWriWa #Superheroes

Welcome to another Sunday with Weekend Writing Warriors. Here, writers in different genres showcase their stories with 8-10 sentences. Join the fun and read our snippets.

This month, I’m celebrating my third anniversary as an indie author, and releasing a boxset of the three books in the Secret Supers series.
My snippet illustrates the heroine, Estelle aka Super Starrella, and her sidekick, the winged mare, Rockette. They are flying on patrol above the streets of Atalanta (Atlanta).

As they watched a solitary drunkard wobble along the street, Starrella caught a movement at the edge of her vision. In a blur of wings, a huge insect plunged toward the unwary man.
Rockette dived at the flying mantis. Opening her fists, Starrella flung beams of fire at the predator. She scored on its bulky abdomen. It twisted upward, zooming at the winged mare hovering overhead. 
Blistering horse flies!” Rockette snorted, kicking her rear hooves at the menacing insect.
Clinging onto the mane as the mare dodged through the sky, Starrella called, “Give me a clear shot at its head.”

 Super Starrella

Super Starrella, Book 1, will be FREE May 7-9th:

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  1. Ha! Loved Rockette's assessment of the mantis.

  2. Kill it. I don't like bugs. :)

  3. A great introduction to this story! I love the action and the way you reveal a lot about the characters in a short snippet. :) Congratulations on your three year anniversary!!

  4. Just in the nick of time!

    “Blistering horse flies!” <-- Makes me want a Rockette of my own. :-)

    Congrats, Aurora, on the anniversary!

    1. thanks!
      I channeled Captain Haddock of the Tintin books when I wrote Rockette's lines.

  5. Love how they work (fight) together. Blistering horse flies -- great epithet, perfect for a horse!

    Happy Indie Authorversary!

  6. Atalanta sounds like a place to avoid. I know insecticides can be bad for the environment, but this snippet shows there's a time and a place for them.

  7. Exciting snippet! I love your cover!

  8. That was a cool snippet, very superheroish moment! I could sure visualize the action...

  9. Great action scene. Love the color metaphor, too. "Blistering horse flies!"

  10. I don't like bugs either. Go Rockette!

  11. Great excerpt - I love horses and hate 'blistering horse flies' too! :) This sounds like a great series!

  12. Rockette was funny. I don't blame her. I hate insects too.

  13. Exciting! Must be one mean Mantis (and a BIG one)

  14. Horse fly??? LOL Great snippet, Aurora.