Saturday, March 4, 2023

A Reunion - excerpt from KARRIK for #WeWriWa and #SnippetSunday

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I’m continuing the scene from Karrik, Book 6 of SciFi series, Taxyon Space.  

The title character, Karrik, lives in a smalle room in a hospice on the alien home world after being crippled in battle. His brothers paid for his care by serving as spies on Earth. Karrik has just been told that he has a visitor. You can read last week’s excerpt here:

The last sentence was: Which type was this visitor?

He turned toward the door.

And froze in astonishment.

A man with a flaming wave of yellow-tipped orange hair stood behind the white-robed sister. His brother Alarik, First of their triad.

The sister glided aside.

Alarik stepped forward, saying hesitantly, “Calm seas, Karrik.”

Karrik rolled over, rocking the hammock, and stretched out his one hand. He forced a croak out of his stubborn mouth, “A…Al…Alarik.”

His brother rushed to kneel by the hammock and embrace him.

Ten sentences and a few more

Feeling his brother’s strong arms around him, Karrik burst into gasping sobs.

“Oh, Karrik, it’s been too long since we were together. I’m sorry.” Alarik also wept, silent tears trailing down his cheeks. 

After the first rush of emotion subsided, Alarik leaned back and sighed, “By the Great Mother’s blessing, I’ve been recalled home. Our supreme Tol-Jadel summoned me and my companions. While I’m in Pucklerakt, I’ll visit you as often as I can.”

Karrik smiled through his tears. Catching hold of his brother’s hand, he squeezed the fingers and dipped his head in a nod. Gestures were easier than speech.

 Karrik, Book 6 in Taxyon Space

The fates of six people are at stake.

Karrik Kenton Tallis, Third of the Flaming Comets, endures a miserable existence in a hospice on his home planet. Unable to walk or speak more than a single word, he misses his older brothers and is unaware of their sacrifice to ensure his care. He cherishes a faint hope of recovering his health.

Karrik’s life improves when his brothers return to Rishalt with their human companions. Alarik, First of the Triad, is escorting Phoebe Wong with her brother and a mysterious alien object for an audience with Prime Jadel. The middle brother, Baswin, is traveling home with Holly and Rosie Moon. The Moon sisters are enrolled in an experimental program to train human psychics to navigate in hyperspace and relieve Earth’s governments of their onerous reliance on Warrish tripilots. Rosie, a psychic healer, desires to help Karrik despite the conflict with her duty to humanity.

But the water world of Rishalt holds many hazards, both above and beneath the waves. Can the alien treasure help the three brothers to conquer the challenges and unite with their chosen partners? Read the scintillating story of the Flaming Comet brothers to learn the answers.

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  1. You've captured their reunion nicely :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Good! lol - Emotions are what makes a story appealing

  3. Awww, a very touching reunion. Enjoyed the snippet!

  4. Very emotional scene. I can't imagine how Karrick lives, only able to utter a word or two.

    1. He has revived mentally in the months after his injuries.

  5. Thank goodness it was his brother (very touching reunion). Perhaps his presence will help speed Karrick's recovery. Tweeted.

  6. So right - sometimes gestures are better and easier than words. Tweeted.

  7. Emotional scene captured well. Great snippet.

  8. So nice to see him with one of his brothers finally, since it's clear that their connection is so intense.

    1. You are correct. The bond between three brothers in a triad is very strong.