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Grand Master's Pawn for November's SFR Brigade Showcase

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Today, I’ll showcase a longer excerpt from my Grand Master’s Trilogy. Book 1 is on sale for 99c this month and will be free Nov 16-17 and 28-29. Maybe I'll have Book 3 ready to release by the next showcase. Buy links are at the end of the post. If you have already enjoyed one of my books, please leave a short review on Amazon. Even a couple of encouraging words will help an indie author.  

Excerpt from Book 1, Grand Master’s Pawn:
Taranis tilted the pole and repelled the raft away from the larger rocks. The raft spun in a half circle, dropped over a small cascade and crashed into a quiet pool, showering them with water. Rotating slowly, the raft drifted away from the splash of the rapids.
Violet sat up, clutching her precious pack, and scanned the shore for danger.
“Look out!” she shouted to Taranis, and pointed downstream. The calm pool ended in a line of spray where the river roared into a vertical plunge.
The raft shot towards the top of the waterfall. Taranis stood, balanced on his toes, and stared ahead from the vantage of his full height. He glanced back at Violet, and shouted above the crash of the water, “The drop is too steep. We must abandon the raft.”
Violet staggered to her feet and stared at the rocky shore. Dubious, she shook her head, “How? The current is too fierce to swim to the river bank, and I can’t jump that distance.”
Taranis stepped carefully across the raft, took the pack from her grasp, and tossed it onto the rocks at the edge of the water. “Get ready. I’ll throw you onto the land.”
She gulped, wide eyed in alarm. How was she supposed to prepare?
Without further warning, he caught her round the waist and flung her from the raft. Violet shrieked. She flew over the water, twisting with cat-like agility to land on her hands and feet. Her hands stung from the impact, but she was safe on the shore. She turned to watch Taranis.
He ran with the pole in his hands to the edge of the raft, stuck the pole into the water and vaulted to the rocks. He staggered on a slippery stone, and Violet grabbed his wrist and tugged to prevent him from falling. Instead, she slammed against his body with her face pressed against his bare chest, tingling with psychic power. Immediately, she felt foolish.
She lifted her head to break the sizzling contact. They stepped apart, and he stared down at her from those unreadable black eyes in his solemn face.
“Sorry,” she muttered. She lowered her eyes and reddened with embarrassment. Was this athletic man really her Grand Master? The one she had taunted as too decrepit to participate in a mission.
He patted her on the back. “It was a wild ride. You are fearless.”

Blurb for Book 1
One young woman challenges the super psychics ruling the galaxy, and finds an impossible love. Science fiction adventure melded with fantasy and romance.
Young empath, Violet Hunter, travels through the galaxy on missions for her mysterious Grand Master. Life-threatening cracks appear in the vast web of portals and Violet agrees to investigate the disruptions. When she discovers the perpetrator comes from within the ranks of the Twelve Grand Masters, she must penetrate their curtain of secrecy to fulfill her task. Her challenges escalate when she meets the enigmatic man behind the griffin avatar. Armed with only her erratic powers and a mishmash of allies, she must challenge the most powerful beings in the galaxy.
Do you have fond memories of Alice Through the Looking Glass? Enjoy exciting adventures with aliens on exotic planets? Discover the fantastic universe of the Grand Masters in Book 1 of the Trilogy.

Blurb for Book 2
Psychically linked lovers fight the powerful Grand Masters dominating the galaxy.
In the wake of the Red Queen’s destruction of his castle, the rebellious Grand Master, Athanor Griffin, devises a risky plan to defeat his nemesis and solve the life-threatening portal crisis. He is joined by his loyal pawn and lover, empath Violet Hunter. They spin across the galaxy in pursuit of his strategy, contending with portal failures, hostile aliens and Grand Masters. Success will depend on Violet. But, she wrestles with erratic psychic talents and her doubts about their unequal partnership. She must surmount her insecurities and recruit allies to survive the inevitable battle with their enemies. Their worst nightmares lie ahead.
If you favor action adventures in space with aliens, dragons, and a sprinkle of humor, read Book 2 in the Grand Master’s Trilogy.

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  1. Very exciting excerpt, Aurora. I read this book and found it very entertaining.

  2. Replies
    1. He's nicer when he forgets to behave like a Grand Master.

  3. Nice interplay between the two of them.

  4. Exciting scene, so close to being swept over the waterfall! Love how it all turned out, with her re-evaluating her opinion of the Grand Master. Terrific!

  5. Oh, those awkward moments. Gotta love 'em. lol. I need to get this one off my wish list and into my TBR soon.