Friday, November 27, 2015

#Supergirl Snippet 2 for #SFFSat

Welcome to another Saturday of Science Fiction & Fantasy and read snippets exchanged by several writers.
This week, I have a snippet from a superhero WIP set in the fictional university city of Oxenford. Excuse the slightly altered punctuation to fit into the 15 line limit.
The scene started last week. The final sentence was:
A dark form, like the elongated figure of a man, clambered over the arched entrance to the church.
The whole snippet can be read here:

“I’ll go for help,” Estelle said. She had get out of sight and switch to Super Starrella. Estelle sprinted around the corner and dived into the shadows.
Rockette!” she sent the mental summons. Running her fingers along the label of her costume, she changed the nanofabric to the invisible setting and rolled the mask over her head. She raced back to the church where the creature still clung on the wall like an ugly ornament. Starrella looked around. Where was Rockette? She couldn’t climb a vertical wall after that weird creature; she would have to ride on the winged mare.
I’m here. Standing right next to you,” Rockette whinnied in her head. “Shucks, these invisible costumes are great; I can’t even see myself.”
Revolving in a semi-circle, Estelle touched a warm neck and ran her fingers down the mare’s body to the saddle. She pulled herself onto the broad back and scrambled into the saddle. “Let’s fly! 
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Grand Master’s Pawn:

Grand Master’s Game:
Grand Master’s Mate:

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  1. So often superheroes "transform" without any explanation of what they do or how it happens - it's effectively just hand-waved magic. I like the fact that Estelle's transformation actually has a logical structure.

    1. Superman rushes to phone booth (now relics) and changes?