Friday, November 13, 2015

#ScienceFiction Snippet for #SFFSat from Grand Master's Game

Welcome to another Saturday of Science Fiction & Fantasy and read snippets exchanged by several writers.
I switched stories to give you a Halloween snippet from Grand Master’s Game. Last week’s snippet is here

A predatory thought coiled into her mind, and she transmitted silently, “A carnivore hunts our scent.
The Grand Master scanned their surroundings. “I prefer to evade detection.” He pulled Violet to his side and instructed, “Stay close to me and I’ll shield our bodies.” She backed against his firm body and gripped her laser as a precaution. His shield enveloped them, and they stood quietly within its protection.
A triangular head with curved mandibles and six large eyes poked over a rock. The head was followed by a long segmented body supported on many short legs. Violet shuddered and pressed closer to Athanor.
I’m imitating a rock,” he sent, “Don’t distract me; I want to taste right.” The shield became opaque, and Violet realized he had layered mineral particles over the surface.
The many-legged creature ambled towards them and clambered awkwardly over the fake boulder created by Athanor. The long body wobbled from side to side as it climbed. Joints between its segments gaped and closed as it crawled over their heads.


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  1. I like this - Athanor avoiding a confrontation by pretending to be solid stone. It's good to see characters dealing with a threat with something other than straight violence.

    1. Yes. His favorite trick is to teleport out of trouble. Here, he's just hiding.

  2. My favourite bit is "I want to taste right." I didn't expect that. What a clever trick! :) It's so interesting to see what your characters can do with their psi powers.