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Romancing the Stars: 8 short stories in #SciFi #Romance

Romancing the Stars
8 Short Stories of Galactic Romance & Adventure

Welcome to Romancing the Stars! With eight short stories of romance and adventure, you're sure to find a happily ever after. From space pirates to cyborgs, alien planets to psi sex, we've got you covered at every heat level. 
New to Science Fiction Romance? This collection is the perfect introduction! Lots of romance balanced by sci-fi elements. Strap yourself in, fire the boosters, and enjoy your transport to our futuristic worlds!  

Star Cruise Rescue by Veronica Scott
Maricar's Gamble by Lyn Brittan
Hunter Bond by Carysa Locke
Gifts of Jangalore by Aurora Springer
Cyborg Security by Melisse Aires
All of Me by Lea Kirk
Aliens in the Barn by Kyndra Hatch
Alien Bond by Sabine Priestley

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Short Stories

Heat Level: Mild
When a shore leave excursion goes terribly wrong for Mira Gage, a member of the Nebula Zephyr’s crew, Security Officer Clint Miltan races the clock to find her before the ship leaves orbit and abandons Mira to her fate. Clint’s got more than a professional interest in Mira, but will he be able to save her from the aliens holding her prisoner?

Heat Level: Mild
Follow Mari Ocampo, a killer on the run willing to do anything to survive, even if it means the unthinkable: going on the fucking straight and narrow.

Heat Level: Mild
Sanah and Dem always knew any child they had would be special. As the offspring of an empath and a psychically gifted Hunter and Killer, three-year-old Tamari is one-of-a-kind. When a mysterious illness threatens her life, Sanah and Dem would do anything to help her. Even if it tears their marriage apart.

Heat Level: Mild
Empath Rosa Spruce is the hired guard for Psi Master Varan, a powerful psychic seeking an ancient site within an alien jungle. Their perilous venture brings unexpected rewards.

Heat Level: Medium
Widow Aerria’s genius young daughter rescues an abused little boy on a planet Aerria’s team is studying. Strict laws prevent contact between the observers on the spaceship and the inhabitants of the non-spacefaring planet. Aerria could face jail time. Not wanting to return the child to an abusive environment, she turns to an old friend, Domingo, a recovered cyborg and a security officer on the spaceship. They make a plan to obtain forged identity forms for the child, which involves a trip to the infamous planet Jiange.
Even with all the commotion, Aerria can’t forget a kiss they shared.

Heat Level: Medium
Tough as nails, Garrison "Gunner" Reed thought the Anferthian invasion of Earth was life-changing, but that was nothing compared to rescuing April Buroski from the invaders' slave ship. Now, he can't get the petite, honey-blonde woman out of his mind. But, April's pregnant with her deceased boyfriend's child, and there doesn't seem to be room in her life for another man.
April will never forget the man she lost in the invasion, her first love, Dave. Yet, when the chips are down, Garrison is there for her and her baby. The emotions stirring in her heart for the former Army colonel war with her feelings for Dave. Can she let go of the past and embrace her future before it's too late?

Heat Level: Hot
Alex has a special job with the government involving aliens from another world. The one living in his barn was unexpected, but is now a part of his family. Misunderstandings a daily occurrence, he is sure his resident alien will be the death of him.
Bazin and three other Beryllians crashed landed on Earth years ago. Stranded due to a rookie mistake, it is a sore issue among them. Finding solitude in a human’s abandoned construct, he hopes against hope to be reunited with his bond-mate one day.

Warning: Hot and steamy content intended for 18+
A short story sequel in the Alien Attachments Series.
After the fall of their empire, the Sandarians struggled for order and peace, hiding their existence from the people of Earth. Until now. Under the guardianship of the Sandarians, it is a new world where fleets of ships circle the globe to protect the vulnerable human race and find a new home among them.
Kara Heroshi breaks free from a controlling adoptive mother to begin a new life in London. She is both captivated and fearful of the alien Sandarian ship shining above the skyline of London—a beacon of power and allure.
Torril Anantha struggles to acclimate himself to life on Earth. The frailty of humanity disturbs him. But when one beauty ensnares his senses as well as his heart, he finally faces the difficult truth—his psi-mate is human.

Can Kara overcome her fears of being controlled and solidify the connection with Torril or will her efforts to avoid him succeed and leave them both with half a bond? 

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