Thursday, May 5, 2016

My Second Anniversary for SFRB Showcase #SciFiRom

Welcome to the May Showcase of the Science Fiction Romance Brigade.
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May 2016 marks the second anniversary of my journey as a published writer of science fiction romance stories. So, this month’s showcase is an opportunity to reflect on my progress. To date, I have published books in three series, a standalone novel and a novella. I’ll highlight the series here. Two of the books are only 99c.

Atrapako on Eden (2 books, published in 2014):
The Lady is Blue, Book 1 
Intrepid scientist solves mystery of scaly aliens.
Dr. Lucy Stannis leads a quiet life as the chief biologist in the remote human colony on Eden, until an alien vessel makes first contact with the colonists. She is thrilled to meet the spaceship captain, the impressive Blue, Sa Kamizan Veedak, despite the scaled bodies and sharp claws of the formidable Atrapako. Conflicts arise, threatening the whole colony as well as Lucy’s tenuous friendship with Sa Kamizan. Lucy must employ all her skills to discover their secret and save the colony.
If you like feisty heroines and mysteries where deceptions abound, then you’ll enjoy this science fiction adventure with a surprise twist at the end.

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The Grand Master’s Trilogy (complete; published in 2015)
Grand Master’s Pawn, Book 1 (99c/99p)
One young woman challenges the super psychics ruling the galaxy, and finds an impossible love.
Young empath, Violet Hunter, dreams of exploring exotic planets as a Grand Master’s pawn. When life-threatening cracks appear in the teleportal web, Violet is tasked with investigating the disruption. Suspicions point to the twelve Grand Masters, and she must penetrate their curtain of secrecy to identify the culprit. Her challenges escalate when she meets the enigmatic man behind the griffin avatar. Armed with only her erratic powers and a mishmash of allies, she must challenge the most powerful beings in the galaxy.

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Secret Supers (1 book, published in 2016)
Super Starrella, Book 1 (99c/99p from 3rd to 9th May)
The quiet summer before her freshman year turns frighteningly weird after Estelle Wright trespasses onto an Army base. Blown into the air and knocked unconscious, she wakes with a nascent superpower. Not to mention a winged horse with a snarky attitude and a mind of her own.
Back home in Atalanta, a serial killer is targeting the students at Goldman University. Before long she must juggle college classes with sneaking out of the house after dark to battle alien monsters. Estelle’s life is in danger, but who can she trust: handsome Captain Copper from military intelligence, or hunky Toby, the tough gangster with a motorbike? Both men have secret agendas, but falling in love is not in their plans.

 Super Starrella

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  1. Awesome! Happy bookiversary!

  2. Happy writiversary! (Lol, getting hard to come up with them!)

  3. Happy writiversary! (Lol, getting hard to come up with them!)

  4. Happy anniversary! Lots of progress!

  5. Lots of anniversaries this month. Pippa, as well as you. Congratulations!

    But man, does this make me feel old. My first book was published in 1986, a century ago. I think I'll go put some salve on my arthritic knees. :-(

    1. Thanks - you're only as old as you feel.
      I'd written a complete novel by 1986, but only published it in 2014.

  6. Impressive progress-to-date and more to come, I'm sure! Best wishes...