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Reader Answers to 4 Questions about Book Choices #IndieAuthors #WritingTips

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Results of Reader Survey

Last weekend, I asked my newsletter subscribers to participate in a short survey. I was pleasantly surprised when 99 people responded. This number is probably not a statistically significant sample, nor was the survey designed scientifically, however, the results are still valuable.

Note the caveats. Many of my subscribers joined to get a free ebook or to enter a giveaway. Also, I join promotions and giveaways in science fiction, fantasy and romance because my stories are in those genres.  

I have listed each of my questions followed by the answers and my comments.

Questions for Readers
If you would like to help me by doing a short survey, please answer these questions:

1. Where do you buy ebooks: Amazon, Apple, Barnes&Noble, Kobo or GooglePlay?
Amazon 92%; Kobo 12%; B&N(Nook) 9%; Apple(iBooks) 10%; GooglePlay 7%; Other: Smashwords, Instafreebie, BookFunnel, Authors
Although the majority buy from Amazon, many use multiple sources for books.

For Amazon, do you use Kindle Unlimited?
Yes: 17%

2. What is your favorite genre: Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, Science Fiction etc?
Fantasy 64%; SciFi 51%; Romance 33%; Mystery 23%; Horror 7%
Other: PNR, UF, SFR, Thriller, Historical
Many read all or a variety of genres.

3. Do you prefer a story written in the point of view of one character or more than one?
One POV 23%; 2 or more 31%
Many readers did not care as long as the POV was obvious. A few complained about confusing switches in POV for some stories. 

4. Do you like stories that emphasize adventure or romance?
Adventure 83%; Romance 32%;
26% of readers said “Both” (included in separate categories).
Other readers said they enjoy adventure with a little romance. 

Are these answers helpful to you? Please comment. 

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  1. You have a high adventure readership. I'm guessing mine would skew toward romance.

    1. I agree. You can try asking your subscribers.

  2. Great response, Aurora. And interesting.

  3. Interesting responses to your questions.

    1. I agree. Instead of a formal survey with single answers, people could write in more detail and that gave me a better perspective.

  4. The comparatively low percentage of KU readers is interesting. I wonder if it would be higher if you had more "romance first" readers. Thanks for doing the survey!
    --Carol Van Natta

  5. Helpful info. I like the fact readers could respond with written comments too.

    1. It was useful for understanding their preferences, although a lot of work compiling the results.

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