Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Lady is Blue for #SFRB Showcase Plus 99c Specials

 SFRB Showcase
Welcome to the SFR Brigade Showcase for September
For this month’s showcase, I’m posting an excerpt from my first novel, The Lady is Blue.
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What color are your scales? Dr. Lucy Stannis, the chief biologist in the remote human colony on Eden, is thrilled when their scientists make contact with an alien vessel. Undaunted by the scaled bodies and sharp claws of the formidable Atrapako, Lucy befriends the spaceship captain, the Blue, Sa Kamizan Veedak. Her hopes of learning about the aliens are frustrated when they refuse to cooperate.

Appearances are deceptive. Sa Kamizan seeks a safe haven for his people. He has led them on a terrible voyage from their desolate homeland, and he will not permit the colony of puny humans to spoil his plans to settle on the fertile planet. He must rethink his devious scheme after meeting the beautiful, feisty Dr. Stannis. Her skills surprise him at every new challenge, but he cannot claim her without revealing the forbidden Atrapako secret.

Conflict is inevitable. The rigid culture of the unemotional aliens clashes with the lively human society, threatening Lucy’s tenuous friendship with Sa Kamizan. Can the unlikely couple overcome prejudice and work together to save the colony?

If you like plucky heroines and mysteries where deceptions abound, then you’ll enjoy this science fiction adventure and sweet romance with a surprise twist at the end.
Book 1 of Atrapako on Eden.  


Excerpt: Sa Kamizan and Lucy flirt after swimming in a mountain pool. 

Lucy rolled back onto her stomach. “Of course, you have no feelings! I forgot.” She sighed dramatically.
“Any more nonsense and I’ll scratch your back,” he threatened.
Lucy wriggled her shoulders and called his bluff. “Good, I’ve got an itch in the middle of my back.”
There was the scrape of scales on rock as he moved to sit near her. He began to rub her back gently. 
Lucy smiled to herself. It was pleasant without his exposed claws. “A little lower,” she directed.
His breath came warm on her neck as he murmured, “You would scrape the skin from your hands if you tried to scratch my back.”
She laughed. “I know. We are totally incompatible.”
His breathing quickened and Lucy felt his hand slide down her body. An uncomfortable flush spread over her. She tensed and said coldly, “You enjoy touching me.”
Sa Kamizan removed his hand quickly and she sat up, hugging her knees to her chest protectively.
He gazed at her face, half kneeling in front of her. “You are beautiful!” he said with an unexpected catch in his voice.
“Do you feel emotion?” she asked, conscious of an electric attraction between them. For the first time, she felt he was vulnerable. He had betrayed a feeling of desire.
He gave a choke of laughter. “I did not claim to have no emotion, only less powerful emotions.”
A sudden insight hit her. “Oh, you mean less powerful than in Azarak?”
Reacting in alarm, his crest hairs stood erect and his eyes narrowed. He grabbed her arm, and grated, “Who told you?”
Without hesitating, she gazed into his piercing eyes and said, “You did.”
“I did not mention Azarak.” He glared at her.
She replied smoothly, “I made a lucky guess at the name.”
“Who have you told, Lucy?” he demanded, tightening his grip on her arm.
She shook her head and gave a rueful grin. “Who on Eden would believe me? Not the Governors; they consider me negligible, or crazy. They are even oblivious to the Blues’ games of dominance.”
He said, “I don’t play those games with you.” His crest lowered as he grew calmer.
“No,” she said in a thoughtful voice. “You don’t scare me. We play other games.” She tilted her chin, offering a challenge.
Sa Kamizan released her arm. “You are a dangerous woman, Lucy Stannis.”
“You are full of compliments today,” she whispered. “You may be the only person on Eden who believes I am dangerous.”
He grinned and lifted a loose strand of her hair. “It is part of your attraction. You keep astounding me.”
“We share a liking for dangerous people,” she said with a gleaming smile.

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Sassy Scientist Solves Mystery of Scaly Aliens
Quotes from Reviewers:
A sassy human female and an arrogant, scaled alien spaceship Captain collide. What could possibly go wrong? Or go right?”
“This was an enjoyable sci-fi romance with many plot twists and lots of action!”
“Really Captivating and Fun!”

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  1. Aurora, this sounds like a fantastic read. Thanks for sharing the excerpt.

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    1. Yes. They dance around each other. At first, he thinks humans are foolish, but she makes him reconsider many of his assumptions.

  3. Fascinating excerpt, love the banter between them!

  4. I love MCs that have hidden depths, hehehehe!

    1. She managed to deduce his secrets before he learns all of hers.

  5. Incomparable? Mm, bet they aren't really.

  6. I really love all the new covers for your books! They look as fantastic as the stories within :D

  7. Nice snippet that humanizes him and shows the attraction between them.

  8. Love your new covers. And that excerpt is fun, with lots of tension/attraction.

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