Friday, January 6, 2023

Character Sketch 12: Captain Hawk


Black Hawk is a notorious space pirate and captain of the Rogue Star in my novella, Captured by the Hawk. His men catch Grey Kat hiding in their berth on the spaceport, and Hawk recruits her to steal one of the Emperor’s spaceships. This escapade morphs into a perilous chase across the galaxy. On the way, he discovers her alternate identity as Mistress Trina, beautiful daughter of the Solarian ambassador. The mutual attraction and banter between Hawk and Katrina adds a comic note to this exciting space opera.

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Second Chances in Space

A series of loosely connected novellas and short novels. Each story stars a widow and/or a widower, spies and/or space pirates.

Captured by the Hawk

Lured by the Lion

Stung by the Cobra


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