Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Character Sketch 2: Grand Master Athanor Griffin


In the first book of my epic SciFi fantasy series, Grand Masters’ Galaxy, Athanor Griffin is the youngest of the twelve Grand Masters on the Council. He defies the prophesy of their doom by choosing Violet Hunter as his Pawn in the beginning of Grand Master’s Pawn. At first, he speaks to Violet Hunter via a stone griffin. His castle on an isolated planet is decorated with statues and images of griffins. 

Athanor is the point-of-view character in the short prequel, Grand Master’s Cat.

This image shows Athanor in the library of his castle. 

The Griffin has glowing blue eyes to match his blue aura. As a Grand Master, he must shield his lethal aura to walk among normal people. He develops during the series. Once he recognizes Violet’s strength, he uses her power as a weapon to destroy their enemies on the Council.  With Violet’s help, he grows from a lonely underdog to one of the most powerful Grand Masters on the Council. You’ll have to read the books to learn how he achieves this eminent status. 


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