Saturday, December 31, 2022

Character Sketch 6: Kiron Arqin Ramis


Kiron is an alien Watcher in Europa, my SciFi thriller and romance. His people are amphibious, equally at home on land or water. They maintain an outpost on Jupiter’s moon to observe human activities. Kiron breaks the law to save Nikki Bell’s life when she slips to the bottom of a crevasse in the ice crust of Europa. Despite his reprimand, he meets her in secret, provoking more problems.

The story of Nikki and Kiron continues in the next two books in the series, Rishalt and Jupiter. They also appear as minor characters in the next books in the series.

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Taxyon Space

Near Future SciFi adventure & romance. Daredevil scientist and abused alien forge perilous alliance.

Europa, Book 1 

Rishalt, Book 2 

Jupiter, Book 3 

Alarik, Book 4

Baswin, Book 5

Karrik, Book 6, coming soon

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