Thursday, December 29, 2022

Character Sketch 4: Sa Kamizan Veedak


Sa Kamizan Veedak is an alien Atrapako from the planet of Vkani, and the protagonist in The Lady is Blue. Big and covered in blue scales, he is formidable and cunning. He led his exiled people on a traumatic space voyage from their desolate home world to the fertile planet of Eden. Friendly humans live in a small colony on Eden. He meets Dr. Lucy Stannis at the reception to welcome the alien visitors and is intrigued by her beauty and quick wit. Their friendship makes him question his people’s plan to seize the planet. But, he cannot change the rigid culture of his people. Read The Lady is Blue to learn how he solves the problem. 

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Books in the series, Atrapako on Eden  

SciFi Romance. Feisty scientist solves puzzle of scaly aliens.

The Lady is Blue, Book 1 

Dragons of Vkani, Book 2 

Trapped on Vkani, Book 3

The stories juxtapose a rigid alien society with the free-living relaxed human society on Eden. 

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