Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Character Sketch 3: Dr. Lucy Stannis


Lucy Stannis, Chief Biologist of the small colony on the distant planet of Eden, is the female lead in my Sci-Fi adventure and alien romance, The Lady is Blue. Her story begins when an alien spaceship arrives in the spaceport. Lucy wangles a meeting with Sa Kamizan Veedak, the blue-scaled Captain of the alien ship. They are both hiding secrets. Their banter and rollercoaster friendship enliven the story. The Atrapako have a nefarious plan to conquer the colony, which squashes Lucy’s friendship with Sa Kamizan. Read the book to learn how Lucy solves the problem.

 The first book was written some decades ago and published in 2014. The same year, I published the sequel and my first series, Atrapako on Eden

The adventures of Lucy and Sa Kamizan continue in the sequel, Dragons of Vkani.

They have ‘guest’ appearances in the third book, Trapped on Vkani

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